Getting Back in the Pilot’s Seat

Pilot Seat

BY STEVEN DAUN, NATIONAL CHIEF PILOT Remember, that event that fueled your passion for becoming a pilot? If you are like me, there was some event that took place in your early years that made you fall in love with airplanes. Mine was sitting in the pilot’s seat of a Pan Am 707 on a […]

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Getting Your Plane Out of Winter Storage

Winter Plane Storage

BY RICK FARMER, NATIONAL HEAD OF MAINTENANCE Now that the winter season is starting to fade in most parts of the country, pilots everywhere are looking forward to the flying season ahead. If your aircraft has spent the last few months collecting dust, there are few things that need to be checked before you take […]

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Kevin McCormack

Kevin McCormack has been a part of American Flyers for eighteen years. Growing up in a family of aviation enthusiasts, the interest in aircraft and flight training was always a cardinal part of Kevin’s makeup, and his passion for the industry could not be more evident to the students he assists. Kevin received his Private […]

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Passing the Knowledge Test

FAA Knowledge Test

Several years back, I went to renew my driver’s license. When I got to the front of the line, I was informed that because I had received a few speeding tickets that year I would have to retake the Driver’s Ed written exam. I got through it and lived to drive another day, but the […]

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Student Interview with John Payne


Pilot’s Digest: How long have you wanted to be a pilot, and why? John Payne: I’ve always been involved in sports and activities; I played football, basketball and ran track in middle school. High school was when things started to change, and I really had to start thinking about what it was I wanted to […]

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American Flyers Interview with Captain José María López

Captain Jose Maria

Pilot’s Digest (PD): Tell us about your aviation career; what do you do, and how long have you been doing it? José: My aviation career, if I could put it in one word, is stunning! I started off as an airline pilot almost six years ago. I was hired by Volaris as a cadet first […]

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Every Time a Bell Rings a Pilot Gets Their Wings


Everyone enjoys recognition; and most people don’t like to brag about their achievements. When one of our graduates rings the bell, they are letting everyone know that they are now a member of this unique fraternity; they have achieved a goal. Ringing the bell also serves as a reminder and a salute to all who […]

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