Congratulations to the First American Airlines Cadet Academy Graduates

American Flyers and American Airlines partnered up last year to address the growing demand for pilots. Today we celebrate the first group of students that have successfully completed the American Airlines Cadet Academy Program. As the first-of-its-kind program, it was designed to provide the training, financing and mentoring environment that students need to successfully fly [...] Read More

1492: Landing in the America


By Tim Genc  It is widely accepted that in theory – his iPhone was still on Spain-time, so we’re not exactly sure – Christopher Columbus sighted and landed in the Bahamas in mid-October, 1492. He navigated across the Atlantic and found an island he named San Salvador, thus marking the first discovery of the New […]

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Battery Amp/Hour


By Rick Farmer A question I have heard asked many times, by those who want to become a commercial pilot or private pilot or just like flying, is “how long will the battery last if the alternator fails?” Well, this question is very hard to give an accurate and simple answer to, so let’s dive […]

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An In-Depth Look At The History of the GPS


The development of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) or GPS has upgraded the accuracy of the Airways around the world. The WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) was added to the GPS to further enhance the positional accuracy. Using an advanced FMS (Flight Management System), today’s airplanes are capable to fly routes with less separation of aircraft, […]

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Back to School


By Ian Dasho For many pilots, whether just starting out or completing a CFI academy, this time of year means that they are either preparing to go back to school or preparing others to go back to school. Either way, American Flyers knows that from mid-August to mid-September many pilots will not think about flying […]

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Benefits of Portability!


By Ian Dasho During a recent conversation with a longtime pilot, I discovered that it wasn’t just pilots who, whether in a flight instructor renewal course or airline academy, love the portability of the American Flyers’ Simulator in a Box. Family members do too! This particular pilot, let’s just call him Jon, loves flying to […]

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Student Interview: Leslie Dunn


Pilot’s Digest: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Leslie Dunn: I work as a physician. I have a dense schedule. I met a person who told me about American flyers and encouraged me to go in to visit the school. I’m glad I did. PD: How did you get into flying? LD: My love […]

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