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American Flyers is proud to have launched more Professional Pilot Careers than any other aviation organization in the world. The quality of education and experience you receive is the foundation that will last your entire career.


The Global Academy is a full-time program that not only provides you with the certificates and ratings required to work for the Airlines but prepares you for your career as an aviation professional.  

This program has been designed for those that seek to obtain the certifications, ratings, and qualifications necessary to succeed as an airline pilot at any passenger or cargo company in the aviation industry worldwide. The program’s rigorous curriculum includes all the theory and practical training necessary to obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate with flight ratings for Instrument and Multiengine.

The Airline Academy Class will work together in a classroom environment for aviation concept learning and then individually with instructors for both simulator and flight lessons. This method fully immerses you in the education along with your classmates, where you can learn together and benefit from the group’s collective experiences.

The Best Aviation Career Training in the World

American Flyers has been training pilots for the most important airlines, corporations and governments in the world since 1939. With almost 80 years of experience, this level of training expertise is reflected in the Global Academy. Experts in the field consider American Flyers’ Academy to be one of the best in the industry on a global level because we not only train you to be an airline pilot but we prepare you for your professional career.

We combine the top quality training curriculum with additional preparation and guidance from expert industry mentors to transform our students into both airline pilots and career professionals.

Global Academy Start Dates

August 14, 2019
October 30, 2019

Why Train With American Flyers

  • The Academies are modeled after the U.S. Air Force cadet training programs where you enjoy the camaraderie of other students.
  • Students are hired by airlines around the world as a direct result of American Flyers’ 30-week training program.
  • The training curriculum is an FAA approved program which means training strictly adheres to regulations under the FAR 141.  
  • American Flyers’ specializes in training pilots and is known as the world’s best flight school due to the quality of training provided.

American Flyers’ students conduct their flight training using the most extensive and select fleet of aircraft and simulators that exist for the training of pilots in the industry.


  • Frasca
  • G1000
  • SimPro
  • Boeing 737


  • Cessna 172R & 172SP Skyhawk
  • Cessna 172RG Cutlass
  • Piper PA-44 Seminole