How does the FIRC work?


The online FIRC course consists of 13 lessons. There is a quiz after lesson 6 and then again after lesson 13. All quizzes are comprised of random multiple-choice questions about the material contained in the lessons. The Final Quiz at the end of Lesson 13 is cumulative and contains randomly selected questions covering the content from all of the lessons. Pass rate is 70%. After you’ve successfully completed all of the lessons, you must submit an application for renewal.

This can be done through our ACR Service, either using IACRA or the traditional mail-in method or through a FSDO. If you choose to use IACRA you can complete your paperwork online but must submit your application on the IACRA website at least three business days before the expiration date printed on the back of your CFI certificate. This will allow our on-staff FAA ACR’s time to review, approve and sign off on the application and 8710. If you choose to mail your paperwork to our ACR, drop it off at one of our school locations, or take it to a FSDO, we must receive it prior to your expiration date.