What’s In Your Flight Bag

What's in Your Bag

By Kasey King Aviators: So people know that I am a pilot. Stratux: Home-made unit to supply foreflight with in flight traffic and weather. Combos: Snacks, because one should never fly hungry. iPad: Supplied with foreflight for all current charts. Highlighter Tape: For paper sectional/low enroute to highlight my route of flight. It saves time when trying to […]

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Getting Your Plane Out of Winter Storage

Winter Plane Storage

BY RICK FARMER, NATIONAL HEAD OF MAINTENANCE Now that the winter season is starting to fade in most parts of the country, pilots everywhere are looking forward to the flying season ahead. If your aircraft has spent the last few months collecting dust, there are few things that need to be checked before you take […]

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Student Interview with John Payne


Pilot’s Digest: How long have you wanted to be a pilot, and why? John Payne: I’ve always been involved in sports and activities; I played football, basketball and ran track in middle school. High school was when things started to change, and I really had to start thinking about what it was I wanted to […]

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