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A.C.E. Co-op

A.C.E. Co-op Program

The A.C.E. Co-op Program is constructed for those who want to train as a top Flight Instructor while getting paid to work, A.C.E. stands for Aviation Continuing Education and just like the acronym, the candidate must have a passion to be the best at what they do whether flying the plane, managing the office or training new pilots. The duration of the program is a minimum of twenty-four months, consisting of four months of management training, the Flight Instructor Academy and twenty months of flight instruction and school management.

Program Details

Your program will start with our CFI Academy, followed by two weeks of operations training at our Addison Airport facility in Dallas, Texas. Upon successful completion of this training period, you will be assigned to one of our offices across the country. During this time you will learn the duties and philosophies of an American Flyers Flight Instructor. When you have completed the first 12 months of this program, salary will move to $30,000 plus, per year. Further compensation details will be covered at time of initial inquiry.


  • College Graduate
  • Successful Interview
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate with Instrument Rating
  • Flexibility to Relocate